"What would life do?“ is the central question of Socialtecture. It is the essence of our now combined 50 years of professional experience in the fields of architecture, communication, co-creation, placemaking and urban design. Socialtecture comes as the result of decades of wondering about what we see and don ́t see in our cities and environment. By founding the School of Socialtecture we share with you our expertise in creating places by connecting social life and architecture.

Timeless teachings condensed in 9 Socialtecture Principles of Life foster togetherness in a beautiful and sustainable way. We see this hands-on mis- sion as our responsibility for current and future generations and our contribution to society in times of rapid change.

Indra Musiol
Indra Musiol is a communications expert, innovation coach and entrepreneur. She advances projects, creates co-creative formats for architecture and urban design, manages participation processes and develops strategies for sustainable places. For her, good communication is a driving force for initiating change and embedding new ideas.

Julia Erdmann
Julia Erdmann is an architect by profession, urban design is her vocation. In 2017, she founded JES and established Socialtecture. As an engineer, she develops solutions for complex problems, as a diplomat she translates between different worlds - and as a person who is able to ravel out the most complicated stories, she pursues the vision of shaping the built environment in a different way: with more humanity, more sustainability, more justice, more freedom.

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